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Dr. Powell was born in Canada and grew up in British Columbia on a hobby farm with horses, sheep, chickens and a myriad of dogs and cats. 

Her love for animals and interest in medicine led her to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After a few chilly winters there, she moved to Virginia to be with her husband.

She practiced as an associate veterinarian until 2011 when she opened her own practice in Ruckersville. After establishing that practice, she felt it was important to devote more time to her family and sold the practice to her wonderful Associate.

She decided to offer house calls starting in 2021 and offers both traditional western medicine and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. 


House call practice can offer a slower, more in-depth pace to exams. This benefits patients and clients. 

Timid patients often do better in a home environment where they feel at ease.

Dr. Powell also feels very strongly about communication with her clients. She believes that it is important to make owners part of the decision-making process when choosing treatment options for their pets.

Golden Retriever
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