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Hospice and End-of-Life

End of life discussions for our beloved pets can be extremely difficult but talking to your veterinarian can help you come up with a plan that works as best as possible for your situation.

Some pets are excellent candidates for at-home hospice care. There are many more products available that can help with comfort, mobility, and appetite than there were even a short time ago.

Some pet owners are comfortable being taught to give fluids to help with dehydration as well as other basic treatments to extend a happy life.

Hospice visits include an exam to assess pain, weight loss or gain, and owner comfort. 


Lazy Dog

When hospice care can no longer offer a pet a good quality of life, euthanasia is recommended to prevent suffering.

Euthanasia appointments typically involve a discussion about the pet's well-being and an exam. If the decision is made that the kindest path is euthanasia then Dr. Powell will explain the needed steps.

Most euthanasia involves a heavy sedative followed by an injection of euthanasia solution.

Pet owners can decide to bury their pets at home or use a cremation service.

Dr. Powell partners with Paws and Remember who offer either a private cremation with a specific pet's ashes returned to the owner, or a communal cremation with the pet's ashes scattered in the garden at the crematory in Staunton.

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