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Wellness Exams

Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

Wellness exams- also known as annual or semi-annual exams- are visits done to check over an apparently healthy, stable pet. 

Older pets often have these exams twice a year, especially if there is a health condition that is being monitored. Pets age faster than humans do so changes in their health are easy to miss without routine checks.


Puppies and kittens would have these exams every 3-4 weeks until they reach approximately the age of 16 weeks. This allows the veterinarian to ensure they are developing properly, that they are adjusting well to the household, and that they receive vaccines appropriate to their lifestyle. After 16 weeks, they start on an annual schedule.

Pets will receive vaccinations at their wellness exams if they are needed and samples can be collected for heartworm testing, tick disease screening, and general baselines. This is the time to discuss housebreaking, basic training, general care, and preventives.

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